Step in to the world of Mr & Mrs Jones.

CRIB is the home of our hosts, Mr & Mrs Jones.

After inheriting the manor house we know as CRIB, the Jones’ decided that they’d had enough of the classic decor and decided to put their own spin on it.

Loving nothing more than collecting fine wines and noise complaints from the council, both Mr & Mrs Jones invite you in to their house tonight to have a good old fashioned house party.

The Jones’ spend most of their time on their yacht, however, they’ve given us the keys and told us to give the people of Southampton a good time.

Please no shoes on the rug though – it’s Persian.


Private Hire.

Unique Features.

CRIB is the perfect setting for a unique night out, whether you’re popping out for a quick drink with some friends, or you’re back for the 4th time this week to try and maintain your Shuffleboard reputation.

With a quirky decor and ever-changing features, no two nights at CRIB are the same.

We have a range of bookable areas, as well as standing and seated areas. All of our bookable areas come with perks and advantages. Get in touch or book now to find out more.