Why You Should Play Shuffleboard at CRIB, Southampton.

1. Shuffleboard is an easy game to learn and play.

We all love to play a game that we are good at, don’t we? So, why not give Shuffleboard a go. No prior experience is needed at all. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is slide a weighted puck down the curved SHUFL table and aim for the highest points area. The team with the most points wins! Make the game even easier with a drink, or two, from the great range of drinks on the CRIB menu.

2. A game of Shuffleboard is a fun way to hang out with friends!

Shuffleboard is an exciting, team game that gets everyone involved. 2 teams, with up to 8 players, are required to play Shuffleboard, so this really is a great way to catch-up and socialise with your friends in a fun way! Although, watch out because it can get very competitive – so be sure to keep a drink closeby to ease your nerves!

3. CRIB offers cheap Shuffleboard sessions for everyone to book online.

Shuffleboard is an inexpensive game for you to play at CRIB. Reserving the SHUFL table and it’s exclusive area, is just £15 in total. So, between each of your group, it really isn’t much to spend per person. Even better though, on Tuesday’s, Wednesdays and Thursdays, CRIB offers free shuffleboard sessions! All you have to do is book online and the discount will be applied automatically to your basket.

4. Shuffleboard is a unique game to play at CRIB – the quirkiest bar in Southampton!

CRIB is a new bar in the Bedford Place area of Southampton that not only offers Shuffleboard sessions, but it also has huge 23” pizzas from The Big Dough Co., a great range of delicious cocktails, shooters and sharers and the quirkiest decor you could ever imagine!

Be sure to pop down to CRIB, Southampton, for a thrilling game of Shuffleboard for you and your friends! Be sure to book via the CRIB website to reserve your very own SHUFL table!

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