What is Shuffleboard?

If you’ve never played Shuffleboard before, don’t let this put you off. With humble beginnings, it’s a game that is a purposefully very easy and sociable game to play in the pub with a pint in hand.

Penny for your thoughts – where it all began:

It’s a game that hailed from the pubs of Great Britain during the 1500s, once known as ‘Shove a Penny’. Players would slide coins down the length of the bar, with the aim to be the player with their penny closest to the edge without toppling off.

The aim of the game:

These days, it’s called Shuffelboard and is played with two teams armed with pucks or discs. The basic gist of the game is to shoot pucks down the purpose-built 14-foot Shufl table and score as many points as possible. The closer the pucks get to the edge, the higher the scores. 

The rules:

  1. Two teams of one to four players 
  2. Teams take it in turns to shoot a puck to the end of the table
  3. Only one team scores per end (the one with the highest points)
  4. Only count pucks that pass the opposing team’s furthest puck
  5. First team to 15 points wins

Golden rule: Having your favourite drink to hand is a must!

Click here to watch a quick video explaining the rules further…

With free Shuffleboard every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at CRIB there’s really no excuse not to have a great time with mates, all the while trying something a bit new.

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