Tips and tricks to shuffle your team into victory

If you’re looking for a twist on your usual drinks out with mates, check out the Shuffleboards at CRIB. They’re 14-foot-long tables with pucks that players skim to the far end – the closer to the edge you get, the more points you win. 

But are you keen to up your shuffle game? While Shuffleboard is easy, fun and accessible to all pub patrons, there are a few hidden tricks that can set your team apart:

Utilise the corners

Once you’ve got to grips with the weight of the disc and the curve of the table, try and aim for a corner rather than smack-bang in the centre. This will make your opponent think twice about taking the risk of bumping you off as you’re so close to the edge.

Protect your team

Known as blocking, sometimes it’s worth parking up behind a team member who has scored high. That way, if you get bumped then at least one of you should still stick the landing.

Wipe your hands

Been snacking on The Big Dough Co pizza? Been holding an ice cold pint? Make sure those hands are clean and dry before your turn; the last thing you want is to have a quick win slip through your fingers.

Learn new shots

You might be surprised by the amount of techniques there are. Try a stick shot, knock-off shot or even a spin shot if you’re feeling confident – check them out in our blog here.

Shuffleboard is a fun game to play with mates; everyone thinks so! That’s why booking your game at CRIB is a must (free bookings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!): BOOK YOUR TABLE




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