What is Shuffleboard?

CRIB invites you to play shuffleboard.

But, what is Shuffleboard, and how do you play it?

Well, shuffleboard is a competitive, exciting game that you can play in two teams with up to 8 players. It involves sliding weighted pucks down a curved, but narrow table, to reach the highest scoring areas. The team with the most points wins! Although the game shares some similarities with the likes of bowls and curling, no prior experience is needed, so everyone can get involved!

That is why we have included this unique game within our Southampton bar, to make sure everyone can involve themselves and have the best time at CRIB. 

Like the sound of it? 

We hope you do, because at CRIB, Southampton, we have three SHUFL tables for you to choose from. All you need to do is come down to CRIB and hop onto one of our available tables to play shuffleboard with your friends.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best, most fun things to do in Southampton, or something a bit different, then come and visit our chilled out, friendly bar for an exciting game of shuffleboard. Don’t forget you can enjoy a delicious cocktail with us too!

We’ll see you at the bar!

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