Looking for something different to do? Come and play Shuffleboard in our Southampton venue.

Shuffleboard is the perfect activity for groups of 2 to 10 people. Devilishly addictive, oddly tactical and incredibly fun.

Discover shuffleboard at CRIB Southampton – your new favourite pastime.

What’s it all about?

Competitive Socialising is the concept that answers to a new demand on the nightlife, hospitality and entertainment industry.

With non-drinking culture getting more and more commonplace, it’s not just the designated driver that gets left out of the round of shots.

Shuffleboard is inclusive by it’s very nature. You can start a game with 3 strangers, and be best mates by the end of it.

A game that’s loved by young and old, all around the world, reimagined and brought straight to the people of Southampton to enjoy at CRIB.

We are proud to use the industry-leading SHUFL brand of tables. This means that when you play Shuffleboard at CRIB, you’ll be using the best!

Featuring a unique concave playing surface, SHUFL shuffleboard give you a whole new degree of control, allowing you to ‘play the curve’ and control the puck like a pro!

Of course that does mean you can’t blame the table if you lose!

Book a Shuffleboard Session at CRIB for:

Spicing up those mid-week slumps.

Getting your team together to celebrate a victory.

Showing off one of Southampton’s hidden gems to friends & family.

Making a 1st date one that you’re sure to remember.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Free Shuffleboard Bookings Tuesday – Thursday!

Finding your Shuffleboard Slot...