Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned player of the pub-based game of Shuffleboard, these techniques for competitively hurling your puck down a table will be sure to make you look like a pro. 

  • Side-wheeling, or finger-rail shot

This involves holding the puck with three fingers, while your ring and little fingers are on the edge of the board. This is a controlled way to guide the puck in the right direction.

  • Free shot

Involves no guidance of the rail; it’s a purely free-handed shot. It’s more of a basic move, but comes in handy when the board is getting congested.

  • Knock-off

This is the act of knocking your opponent’s puck (or pucks if you’re going for a ‘double knock-off!’) off the table. This strategy is often used during a final shot, or in an act of desperation.

  • Spin shot

Using the concave nature of the table to the player’s advantage, enticing a spin of the puck will encourage the puck to curve inwards. It’s a skilled way to avoid pucks, and to sneak into the front of the pack.

  • Bump shot

This is an ideal way to bump your own team member’s puck forward into a section of the table that will gain them higher points.

  • Stick shot

This works in a similar way to the bump shot, except it’s designed to bump the opponent’s puck out of the way while slowing the shooter’s own puck down, which entices it to stop in a valuable section of the table.

  • Above all, the most important shot to master is the hang shot 

This is where the puck reaches the end of the table with some of the puck hanging over the edge. It’s the most rewarding shot to get a hang of…

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